Artist Guadalupe Serrano: Paseo de Humanidad, a socially significant 13 piece assembly of painted metal figures which symbolize human migration will be moved from the Mexican side of the border to the gallery’s outdoor sculpture garden. The life- sized figures will be installed among a natural grove of mesquite so that it will appear as if they are walking along a trail in the Sonoran Desert.

The large, free standing metal sculptures, created by Guadalupe Serrano and his late partner Alberto Morackis, consists of symbolic human figures combined with Aztec and Mayan codices and contemporary border symbology. Paseo de Humanidad was so compelling that when it was first installed on the Mexican side of the border it became a shrine for families of migrants who came to place candles and small offerings at the base of the sculpture.

“The 60-foot-long mural, titled “Vida y Suenos de la Canada Perla,” or “Life and Dreams of the Perla Ravine,” and commonly referred to as “El Mural de Taniperla” is made out of 34 panels depicting the lives and dreams of Tzetzal Indians living in the town of Ricardo Flores Magon, a Zapatista revolutionary community in the southern Mexican state of Chiapas that struggled for more autonomy from the Mexican government during the 1990s.” (Nogales International)  Read more on the history and resurrection of this mural.