Interactive media is the current and future wave of marketing technology, from wearable technology, Google Glasses, Fit bands and sensory billboards. I am drawn to companies that use marketing for the greater good, or just in the use of empowerment marketing, lifting people up instead of putting them down to make a sale.  A large part of marketing currently and in our past has been focused on the implication that one is not good enough, not pretty enough, not smart enough, not wealthy enough, just not enough. This mentality has worked well in the health and beauty industry, selling us everything from fad diets, vitamins and wrinkle creams.

socialswipeBut what happens when marketing challenges us to be better, not better looking, or better because we have more stuff, but better human beings. There is always a cause that we can get behind, saving children or abused animals. In fact, there are so many causes that sometimes it is overwhelming to determine where and how much to give. When people have too many choices, they often can’t choose at all. “As psychologists and economists study the issue, they are concluding that an overload of options may actually paralyze people or push them into decisions that are against their own best interest. Research also shows that an excess of choices often leads us to be less, not more, satisfied once we actually decide. There’s often that nagging feeling we could have done better.”(Tugend, 2010)

So the challenge is to not only make it as easy as possible for people to give, but to engage with them in a way that stands out from the clutter of all the sad appeals.  The Social Swipe brings emerging technology, cause marketing, and a global campaign together in an easy to use and engaging digital billboard. The campaign makes it easy for people to participate, almost to play with the interactive billboard.  Its a small donation that has a huge impact.

This is the type of creative marketing that I get excited about.  How about you?